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Experienced in helping with complex situations

Sometimes people's circumstances are a little more complex, and they need additional trusts to help address a particular issue. Speak to your consultant if you feel it may be beneficial to add one of the following trusts to your Will:


Allows you to protect the capital of any property, cash assets and other investments for your ultimate beneficiaries, such as your children, whilst giving the income to your spouse or partner for life.


Allows your spouse or a partner to continue living in, or have a beneficial use of your property (or a share of it) for life, whilst ultimately keeping it safe for someone else such as your children.

Providing for children from a previous relationship

Protecting your home from care home fees

Single: £350Mirror: £675

Single: £350Mirror: £675


Allows someone such as your partner to continue living in your solely owned property, either for life or for a period of time, whilst ultimately keeping it safe for someone else such as your children.


Allows you to leave assets for the benefit of a vulnerable beneficiary (e.g. someone with a learning disability) to be held by trustees who can then protect the beneficiary from being taken advantage of.

Ensuring your partner can stay in your property until their death

Protecting an inheritance for a vulnerable child

Single: £325Mirror: £600


Lasting Powers of Attorney

Many people assume that their spouse, partner or child would be able to automatically take over their affairs if they became ill or lost the ability to make their own decisions. This is simply not the case.

LPAs allow you to legally appoint someone you know and trust to make decisions and act on your behalf should you be come unable to do so for yourself, due to illness, accident, stroke or dementia.

Health & Welfare

Property & Financial Affairs



This document allows your Attorney to make decisions and act on your behalf with regards to your health and welfare. This may range from your day-to-day care, e.g. diet and daily routine to medical treatment and end of life decisions. It can only be used when you are unable to make your own decisions.

This document allows your Attorney to make decisions and act on your behalf with regards to your property and financial affairs. This may range from paying bills and making enquiries with the bank to buying or selling property and managing investments. It can be used as soon as it’s registered, with your permission.

Lifetime Service membership

By joining one of WSL’s Lifetime services you will never have to face any estate planning decisions alone. With three levels of cover available, we have you covered with secure storage, Will updates and Executor Support.





Single: £695Couple: £895

Single: £1150Couple: £1550

Single: £2200Couple: £2950

Compliance check of the Wills to ensure validity

Notification to Executors as to the location of your Wills and procedure for release

Storage of your Wills and any other estate related documents (eg house deeds, policy documents, certificates etc)

Free unlimited deposits and retrievals

Registration of your Will with Certainty, the National Will Register

Unlimited free updates of your Wills during your lifetimes, including all associated legal advice

Free assistance for your Executors, enabling them to put your Wills through probate so that they do not need to hand the matter to a solicitor*

Assistance with two further estates requiring probate where the deceased is an immediate family member and there is a valid Will in place*

25% discount on all Will-related Trusts

25% discount on Lasting Powers of Attorney

50% discount on all Will-related Trusts

50% discount on Lasting Powers of Attorney

Full administration of your estate and acquirement of the Grant of Probate if your Executors feel unable to manage, at the guaranteed fee of no more than 1% of the value of your estate

Full professional estate administration for any other estates that you have an interest in, at the same 1% fee

* One of our probate specialists will arrange to meet with your Executors to advise them on the best course of action, helping them to effectively carry out the wishes in your Will. After being notified of your death, our probate specialist will examine all the information concerning your estate and affairs and advise your Executors how to obtain a grant of probate.

We provide letter templates to assist your Executors when contacting the organisations who hold your assets, and show them how to complete the complex forms required to obtain probate and successfully administer your estate.

* We can quote for couriering your documents to an address outside of the UK if required.

Suitability for a home visit is dependent on the size and complexity of the estate, and will be assessed on the initial phone call.

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